Affordable Housing

Our Promise to You

TEAM will work for a livable affordable city for local residents, both renters and owners. We will focus on delivering homes at a lower cost, including for lower income residents, the homeless, and those suffering from housing insecurity.

How We Will Get There

TEAM will use all municipal tools available, as well as partnerships with senior levels of government, to encourage more secure, affordable housing for all Vancouverites by:

  • Using neighbourhood planning and accurate population growth data to identify the existing and future housing types and tenures that are needed to affordably accommodate existing and future residents
  • Providing a mix of non-market and market housing, for rentals and ownership, including co-ops, co-housing, secondary suites, multiple conversion dwellings, infill, laneways, multiplexes, townhouses, and apartments, planned in partnership with local residents at the scale of each neighbourhood
  • Stabilizing land values by ending inflationary and disruptive spot rezonings that ignore neighbourhood plans without contributing to community amenities
  • Using City-owned lands for more affordable housing 
  • Working with provincial and federal government housing and services agencies to ensure they provide the non-market and supportive social housing and services our city needs to house residents who are lower income, housing insecure, or homeless (see more under Health & Safety For all)
  • Providing affordable housing incentives based on transparent and open project details, including financing and operating agreements, that fit into the scale, context and zoning of each neighbourhood, a mix of income levels and unit sizes, with needed services, supports and amenities and through meaningful ongoing consultation with the community in the zoning & development processes and good neighbour agreements for operating
  • Adjusting permit requirements and climate action regulations to retain and renovate existing homes for more affordable rental options such as secondary suites, laneway homes, and infill