Arts & Culture

Our Promise to You

A strong Arts & Culture mandate is a critical component of a livable city. TEAM will ensure artists, performers, and support crew can flourish in Vancouver with access to safe, affordable spaces that encourage creativity, supporting inclusive neighbourhood events throughout the city, and increasing opportunities for artists to showcase their work.

How We Will Get There

TEAM will promote Vancouver as an affordable city for artists and performers, providing support and opportunities by:

  • Ensuring arts programs, events, and spaces are sufficiently funded 
  • Fostering the success of visual and performing artists through better collaboration with the community
  • Supporting and encouraging events for artists, and exploring additional initiatives to support and enhance commercial opportunities for artists and performers
  • Protecting and enhancing affordable rehearsal, performance, and arts spaces, including incentivizing the retention and upgrading of art spaces in older buildings
  • Incentivizing the building of more affordable arts and performance spaces