Cleta Brown

for City Council

Lifelong advocate for human rights
Born in Vancouver, Cleta has watched the city's livability and affordability erode. She feels the incredible potential of this city is still within reach if we act boldly with democratic principles, intelligence, pragmatism and understanding.

What Cleta will bring to City Council:

  • Her legal experience – prosecuting trials and conducting hearings – has given Cleta capability in assessing information. She will quickly learn and make effective use of City Council procedures, focussing on critical aspects.
  • Ombudsman work has given her investigating, mediating, negotiating and advocacy skills and knowledge, and experience resolving citizen complaints.
  • Cleta’s strong interest and belief in procedural fairness will lead her to examine the various processes (Is this fair to all impacted or interested? Has there been reasonable and timely dissemination of relevant information to enable informed participation in decision making? Are we serving the public constituencies by our process and decision?)
  • Having lived in Vancouver all her life both as a renter and homeowner, she is familiar with the city. She has observed and spoken before Council meetings.



  • Cleta benefitted from an excellent public education and went onto earn degrees in biology and law, culminating in a Masters of Laws from the London School of Economics.
  • Her career has included working as an Investigator and General Counsel for the Ombudsman of BC, as a Crown Prosecutor in the Provincial Courts and as an Alternate Chairperson on the Review Board of BC.
  • She has extensive experience on not for profit and charitable Boards of Directors:  as President of the Board of Directors of MOSAIC, one of Vancouver's foremost immigrant settlement agencies; as Vice President of the Board of LEAF, Canada’s leading women’s legal champion at the Supreme Court of Canada protecting women’s constitutional rights; as a Board Director with the Vancouver YWCA, the BC Kidney Foundation and more recently as President of the University Women’s Club of Vancouver; Secretary of the Good Noise Vancouver Gospel Choir Society; a Director with the Stephen Lewis Foundation.


  • Volunteering and community service. Cleta has volunteered in hospitals, with children and with women and their children fleeing domestic abuse.

There’s More to Life

  • Cleta is a first generation Canadian. Her father came to escape discrimination and gain opportunities denied in the segregated American South and her mother to obtain higher education unavailable in the colony of Jamaica. She grew up in a politically active household.
  • The beaches of Vancouver bring her peace and happiness, since she played on them “as a child to forever.”
  • She sings alto in the Good Noise Vancouver Gospel Choir.
  • The growing diversity of cultures, food and entertainment in the city makes her excited about Vancouver and its future.
  • Her favourite place? “Any street, building or park with Rosemary Brown’s name on it, for sure!”

Cleta Brown
Cleta Brown

for City Council