Climate Emergency

Our Promise to You

TEAM's commitment to a livable city includes climate-change policies focused on reducing emissions through mitigation strategies that are effective and equitable, but also practical, sustainable, and affordable for residents and businesses.

How We Will Get There

Addressing the climate emergency is an essential part of creating a livable city for current and future generations. We have to both reduce the emissions that are adding to the problem and bolster our defences. Our climate emergency policy will include:

  • Using incentive-based policies to encourage transition to lower emission targets, and making strategic mitigation plans while minimizing impacts on affordability
  • Providing incentives for conversion to electric vehicles and charging options, and building systems for heat and hot water with heat pumps and solar panels
  • Working with TransLink to convert the existing bus system to an electric fleet, and to expand frequent service on all arterials 
  • Considering all environmental aspects in planning, development, and transit, including the full life cycle of the supply chain, and planning for buildings to last longer than a few decades
  • Working directly with neighbourhoods to reduce driving by creating practical, walkable communities 
  • Planning for long-term resiliency and stability, including adapting to and mitigating rising sea levels, floods, water shortages, and heat domes by expanded tree planting, tree protections, and enhancement of green space