Community Representation

Our Promise to You

TEAM will restore trust in City policy development, planning processes, and public engagements by ensuring that they are transparent, impartial, collaborative, and focused on the residents and businesses directly affected by the outcomes.

How We Will Get There

TEAM will put neighbourhoods at the heart of City operations, policy development, and future planning by:

  • Empowering residents and local businesses to advocate for their interests through City-supported neighbourhood organizations
  • Keeping feedback local by ensuring that only verified Vancouver residents, business owners, and property owners have a say in Vancouver issues 
  • Limiting in camera meetings to only when secrecy is truly essential (which according to the Vancouver Charter is almost never)
  • Improving transparency by publishing all materials that relate to public proceedings  - such as staff briefings to Council - at least one month prior to any discussion by Council, and ensuring that residents, businesses, and local groups are notified of their availability so they have time for analysis and reflection back to Council
  • Increasing transparency through such actions as creating a registry of lobbyists and professional advocates that work on behalf of special interests, organizations, and businesses 
  • Making City Council directly accountable to the voter by exploring alternative representative-government models