Now that Councillor Colleen Hardwick has accepted TEAM's nomination as our mayoral candidate, we continue to accept expressions of interest from people who want to run for office with her in the October 15 municipal election and form the majority that will set Vancouver back on course.

We formed TEAM with the goal of electing a majority of candidates on City Council, Park Board, and School Board so we can make life better for all Vancouver residents. 

How will we do it?  

  • Reinstating community-based planning and consultation
  • Making civic government responsive to the needs and desires of residents
  • Giving priority to core services and responsibilities
  • Reversing the urban decay plaguing our neighbourhoods and making them safe again
  • Managing the development process from a local perspective
  • Restoring accountability, fiscal transparency, and public trust

We’re looking to connect with people who are committed to achieving these aims through cooperation and consensus-building. We want to field a slate of candidates that represents the geographic and demographic diversity of Vancouver residents.

What do you care about changing so much that it is now time to step up and try?

TEAM will hold our candidate nomination meeting for City Councillors, School Trustees and Park Board Commissioners in June.

Express your interest in becoming a candidate; simply send an email to [email protected].

Only members in good standing (those who have joined before May 2) are eligible to run or vote for TEAM nominations.