Former NPA Park Board Commissioner Tricia Barker and former NPA Park Board candidate Kumi Kimura join TEAM to run in Vancouver election


Councillor Colleen Hardwick “thrilled” to welcome Barker and Kimura
Vancouver – TEAM For A Livable Vancouver mayoralty candidate Colleen Hardwick
said today she is “thrilled” that Tricia Barker, the former Non-Partisan Association Park
Board Commissioner, and Kumi Kimura, a former NPA Park Board candidate, have
both agreed to run with TEAM in the upcoming Vancouver election.

“TEAM For A Livable Vancouver is thrilled to have Tricia Barker and Kumi Kimura both
join us and our already impressive Park Board candidates to present a common sense
alternative to city voters concerned about the future of the Park Board and our
wonderful parks and recreation facilities,” Hardwick said.

“Tricia Barker has been a voice of reason on a Park Board where the majority have so
often been out of step with Vancouverites,” Hardwick said. “Her experience and
commitment to our parks will greatly help our existing candidates, along with Kumi
Kimura’s deep knowledge of recreational facilities and management.”

TEAM Campaign Manager and council candidate Bill Tieleman said the addition of
Barker and Kimura is a Vancouver election game changer.

“TEAM For A Livable Vancouver is the growing alternative for those who want a
common sense alternative to fix our parks and our city,” Tieleman said. “ABC’s
mayoralty candidate Ken Sim first promised to abolish the Park Board, then changed his
mind – or did he? And the current Green Party, COPE, Vision majority has clearly
demonstrated they should not be in charge of our parks.”

Tieleman says that the addition of the two ex-NPA candidates after TEAM released
polling last month showing a tight 3-way race for mayor between Hardwick, Sim and
incumbent Kennedy Stewart shows momentum going to TEAM.

“TEAM doesn’t have the big money of Stewart and Sim but we do have the momentum
they lack,” Tieleman says. “Those two Tweedledum and Tweedledee parties are not
offering the solutions that Vancouver voters want – and that’s increasingly clear.”

Tieleman said the TEAM membership will have a ratification vote on the two new
candidates but that all Park Board and council candidates are supporting Barker and
Kimura and the TEAM Board of Directors has also approved their candidacies.


Tricia Barker

Born and raised in Vancouver, Tricia is a Seniors Wellness Professional specializing in
older adults who wish to live a healthy and more productive life. The work includes
people experiencing some of the challenging aspects of aging. She has a deep
connection with the local Scottish community. Tricia is currently the president of
ScotCanBC and is the past president of Vancouver’s first society, the St. Andrew’s &
Caledonian Society.
She is also involved with the walking and running groups that use our city’s green
spaces. Barker has been a Vancouver Park Board Commissioner since the 2018

Kumi Kimura

Kimura is the senior manager at the Musqueam Golf Course. In this role, Kimura has
brought exceptional leadership, built an amazing team and been able to successfully
manage this large First Nations owned enterprise.  A lifelong user of Vancouver parks
and recreation, previously she has worked in management in the hospitality industry
and went to university on a softball scholarship.