James Buckshon

for Park Board

Passionate about parks.
James feels blessed to be living and working in such a beautiful city as Vancouver and wants to keep it livable. He will fight to keep development from encroaching upon parks and neighbourhoods.

What James will bring to Park Board:

  • Excellent in-depth knowledge of virtually all of Vancouver’s parks. 
  • Bachelor of Arts degree at UBC majoring in Fine Arts with special emphasis on architecture, providing important background for park design and arts installations.
  • Management experience as CEO of a worldwide entertainment production Vancouver-based company in continuous operation since 1983.
  • Deep connections with theatre, music, art and dance organizations that produce many outdoor public experiences.


  • CEO of three successful corporations (one non-profit), giving James a solid background in HR, project planning, customer relations, staff liaisons and financial responsibility.
  • International recognition with music releases in over 30 countries, with travel affording him a close-up view of parks all around the world.
  • Has operated business at locations throughout Vancouver, including the DTES, Strathcona, Gastown, Downtown, Yaletown, Marpole, Grandview Woodland, and Renfrew.
  • All businesses operated by James strive to be zero waste and 100% recyclable.
  • Director of a nonprofit arts organization since 2012 that acquired the assets of the Vancouver Playhouse Theatre Company and continues to supply nonprofits and schools with products and services at nonprofit rates


  • James is passionate about parks: green, natural, beautiful parks providing much needed respite from city stresses. 
  • Outdoor activities including snowboarding, cycling, swimming, horseback riding.
  • Cultural activities including theatre, concerts, dance, art, and sporting events.

There’s More to Life:

  • James’ grandparents emigrated to Canada and worked hard to bring up a family and provide value to the city of Vancouver. His family includes noted pharmacists, physicians, attorneys, teachers, and publishers.
  • James has been a member of Schara Tzedeck Synagogue and Jewish Community Centre since childhood and performs community services for seniors.
James Buckshon
James Buckshon

for Park Board