Kathleen Larsen

for Park Board

Common Sense decision-making and community engagement.
A long-time Vancouver resident and community planner, Kathleen is fully committed to making rational decisions with transparency and integrity to ensure our greenspace, parks, and recreation facilities are protected, accessible, safe and well maintained.

What Kathleen will bring to the Park Board:

  • Extensive experience in both the local government planning process and heritage conservation and preservation.
  • Kathleen believes that land-use and facility planning should be predicated on community engagement.
  • Commitment to listening, visiting sites in person if necessary, considering all public comments and making her decisions based on common sense.
  • If elected to the Park Board, she sees herself as a representative of all the diverse sectors of people in Vancouver.


  • Kathleen worked as a Community and Heritage Planner in the Lower Mainland for 27 years and has excellent knowledge of local government legislation, planning processes, urban design and heritage conservation and preservation. Extensive experience in running public meetings, working in small groups and presenting to Council
  • While in Toronto from 2017-2020 she was appointed by Toronto City Council to the Committee of Adjustment for downtown Toronto. This quasi-judicial committee is similar to BC Board of Variance. Working as a group this committee conducted site inspections as necessary and then considered a variety of applications (with public presentations) for minor variances, subdivisions, and consent items.
  • Appointed by Vancouver City Council in 2021 to her current position as a Director on the Vancouver Heritage Foundation. The VHF promotes heritage appreciation and conservation of the city’s heritage resources and provides resources and opportunities for learning more about the heritage of Vancouver as well as practical resources for conservation. Directors are responsible for the increasing private and public involvement, distributing funds, developing policies and managing VHF assets.
  • Prior to working as a Community Planner, she received a BA (UVIC) with a double major in urban geography and psychology. The following year she attended the UBC Maste’rs program in School of Community and Regional Planning. Later she received a Certificate in Urban Design through SFU.


  • A strong belief in fitness shapes her life. She is an avid powerlifter with a record deadlift of 215lbs and has used most of the Recreation Centre facilities and fitness centres in Vancouver over the years. A long-term plan is to finally complete a partially started “gyms around the world tour”. She looks forward to other’s opinions or what works and what needs improvement in terms of facilities, programming and services. Running rounds out her fitness and she has completed many Sun Runs over the years.
  • An amazing day is setting off on a day long cycle around False creek through downtown and around the Stanley park seawall, a ride she tries to do at least once a week.
  • Starting everyday rain or shine by walking for coffee and greeting people (and dogs) along the way. Getting out and being part of the environment and connecting with the community is so important. Plus, the coffee is imperative.

There’s more to life:

  • Her greatest joy is being able to spend time with her daughter who currently lives out of town. So thankful she is intending to move back to Vancouver soon as she’s discovered that she passionately misses all the parks, beaches, ocean, and mountains that Vancouver has to offer.
  • As President of her Strata for the past two years she is the primary contact for the owners/residents and often building manager/problem solver. It never ends!
  • At a recent Heritage Foundation plaque unveiling she discovered a new park…China Creek Skate park which has inspired her to perhaps take up skate boarding. More details on this coming….
Kathleen Larsen
Kathleen Larsen

for Park Board