Kumi Kimura

for Park Board

Leader and team-builder, fostering inclusivity
As senior manager at the Musqueam Golf Course, Kumi knows the value of exceptional recreational facilities: they have shaped her upbringing and career. She has spent a lot of time at Vancouver parks facilities throughout her life.

What Kumi will bring to the Park Board:

  • Kumi will apply the knowledge and experience of fifteen years working at a large recreation facility to bear on the challenges facing our parks and recreation system.
  • She will use her exceptional hospitality background to be a people-first engaged Park Board Commissioner.
  • Having worked on a First Nations Reserve, Kumi will always be a voice for First Nations, minorities, women and the those who have been largely disregarded or ignored completely.
  • With her open door policy, she will really listen to the concerns of the people of Vancouver.


  • After studying in Kansas on a softball scholarship Kumi began a management career in the hospitality industry.
  • Her ability to build a customer-focused, friendly and inclusive environment in her years at The Keg and The Cannery Seafood Restaurant caught the eye of Gino Odjick, who owns the Musqueam Golf Course. He asked Kumi to replicate her success as a manager in the hospitality industry at the golf course.
  • The Musqueam Golf Course is a true Vancouver gem and in managing the course, Kumi has demonstrated real reconciliation in action at an enterprise level.


  • All sports and recreation of all kinds, both competitive and leisure; she plays all sports, but mainly golf and hockey. She officiates hockey as a ref and scorekeeper.
  • She sits on a couple of hockey boards and is involved with Special Olympics and First Tee-BC, all of which are near and dear to her heart. 
  • Kumi loves community, the thought of community and all that it stands for -  people in neighbourhoods pulling together on the same rope.

There’s More to Life:

  • Kumi’s niece and nephew, and their continued ability to live and grow to their maximum potential, mean the world to her.
  • She loves watching sports and with that come various hockey, world cup and football pools, and the odd parlay.
  • She enjoys good food, good drinks and good conversation.
Kumi Kimura
Kumi Kimura

for Park Board