Matiul Alam

for School Trustee

Developing innovative policies to meet the challenges of post-Covid19 education
Matiul's academic and professional background give him the knowledge and skills to research, collaborate, and network with students, parents, community voices, school leadership, the VSB and the Ministry of Education.

What Matiul will bring to the School Board:

  • A commitment to inclusiveness for the many diverse cultures of Vancouver’s student population.
  • An insider view after decades of experience teaching future and in-service teachers at SFU, WWU, COU, UNBC, and UBC.
  • Experience with the VSB’s Race Relations Committee and UNESCO’s Anti-Racism Consultative Committee.


  • Matiul holds two master’s degrees in Statistics and Education and a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from Simon Fraser University (SFU). He studied educational technology in England and has a Certificate in Education from Harvard.
  • He co-founded Khatemun Moin Women’s Degree College in Bangladesh with his brother and parents in 1994.
  • He manages the Vancouver-based educational consulting firm, World Education Canada.
  • He serves on the selection committee of the 1000 Summer scholarships program (yearly) on computers for K-12 school children to attend top Canadian and US universities.
  • He taught teachers and educational leaders at UBC, SFU, COU, UNBC, and WWU for over 30 years.
  • He has worked with Nobel Laureate Dr. Muhammad Yunus, founder of Grameen Bank, in micro-finance, social business education, and community development, and as a director of BRAC (the world’s #1 ranking NGO) known for health and basic education based in his native Bangladesh.
Matiul Alam
Matiul Alam

for School Trustee