Parks & Recreation

Our Promise to You

A TEAM Park Board will protect, improve, and expand the neighbourhood parks, recreational facilities, and community centres. Clean and safe community spaces are vitally important to our health, well-being, and sense of community.

How We Will Get There

TEAM will support an elected Park Board by ensuring they have the required administrative structure and funding to properly manage the parks and recreation system. This includes re-establishing the Park Board's independent planning, operations, and maintenance resources. TEAM will be a strong advocate for protecting and enhancing the Park Board's parks and recreation system by:

  • Keeping our parks, beaches, and green spaces beautiful, serene and safe by expanding and improving maintenance, garbage pickup, and ecologically sound management, actively enforcing bylaws, and increasing the number of park rangers and lifeguards
  • Ensuring access and safety across parks and facilities, including for the elderly, for the disabled and for families who need convenient vehicle access - such as restoring pre-COVID access to Stanley Park and Beach Avenue - while also allowing new alternative infrastructure for cycling and walking without impeding vehicles
  • Assessing and planning for the impact of climate change on Vancouver's parks and recreation system, including our beaches and seawalls, and protecting and expanding the tree canopy across the city to provide shade and to support urban wildlife and ecology
  • Advocating and planning for new parks and recreation facilities as our population grows, with the aim towards providing the ratio of 1.1 ha of parks per 1000 people, and ensuring the Park Board has independent planning, operations, equipment, and maintenance resources to do so
  • Providing safe park spaces for off-leash dogs that are within walking distance in all neighbourhoods
  • Supporting local community centre associations and their roles in the joint operation of community centre facilities