Planning & Development

Our Promise to You

TEAM will restore trust in local government through more transparent planning and development approval processes, while implementing efficiencies that save time and money.

How We Will Get There

TEAM will support livable, inclusive, and affordable communities with amenities and services to meet the needs of residents. This will be accomplished by:

  • Giving a meaningful voice to local residents and businesses in any planning process affecting their community
  • Withdrawing the Broadway Plan and the Vancouver Plan to prevent arbitrary city-wide application of out-of-scale cookie-cutter buildings lacking local context, and reconsidering these plans under a new neighbourhood-based process, with meaningful involvement of local residents and businesses, resulting in plans with a high level of their support.
  • Increasing the transparency of planning processes by making them open to the public, and providing a wider breadth of accurate information on growth, zoning, and housing data
  • Making it easier to retain and renovate character and heritage buildings, saving them from the landfill
  • Speeding up planning, permits, and development processes that meet required criteria
  • Creating neighbourhood-specific plans with local residents that allow for population growth, including a healthy mix of affordable housing options, with rental and ownership tenures, within the local scale and context, that includes the required local services, transit, schools, parks and amenities
  • Considering the impact of growth when planning, including speculative inflation on land values, the capacity limits of existing infrastructure, the costs of adding new infrastructure, and the climate impacts of the embodied greenhouse gases across the full life cycle of the supply chain