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Policy Development

In the 1960s, Vancouver's planners were pushing for the development of a freeway system. Their proposal would have seen the demolition of homes and displacement of residents in Strathcona and Chinatown, and the paving over of our downtown waterfront.  That this never happened is the result of citizens insisting their opinions be heard, voting for change and succeeding in a political upheaval that transformed the power structure at City Hall. 

The freeway issue was the catalyst for the 1968 formation of The Electors' Action Movement (T.E.A.M.), and the party elected two aldermen to City Council that year and three in the 1970 election. In a 1972 landslide victory, T.E.A.M.'s Art Phillips was elected mayor and winning T.E.A.M. candidates controlled City Council, the Park Board and the School Board. An inspiring achievement!

Just as T.E.A.M. came together over a growing concern for Vancouver’s future some fifty years ago, TEAM for a Livable Vancouver (TEAM) has formed because we see our city being driven in an unsustainable direction. This time it isn't only the now-cherished districts of Strathcona, Chinatown and Gastown in need of protection: it's the livability of every Vancouver neighbourhood from Boundary Road to UBC.

In twelve policy committees, TEAM members - many of whom are experts in their fields - worked for months to develop ideas for our policy conference in October of 2021.  We met at Vancouver's historic Anza Club for a hybrid in-person and on-line collaboration with specialists and thought leaders.  

Anza Club.png

Energized and inspired by the keynote address of former City of Vancouver Co-Director of Planning Larry Beasley, we spent a rainy Sunday shaping and refining policies.  Members approved them at our November AGM.

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