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New Forum Research Poll Shows Colleen Hardwick And TEAM Only Party With Chance to Defeat Ken Sim

October 11, 2022

VANCOUVER – A new Forum Research poll shows Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart falling out of contention in the municipal election, significantly behind ABC mayoral candidate Ken Sim and neck and neck with Colleen Hardwick, TEAM For A Livable Vancouver Councillor and mayoral candidate.

Bill Tieleman, TEAM Campaign Manager and Council candidate, said that with 41% undecided/don’t know, Hardwick and TEAM have the most to gain going into the final week and is the strategic vote to beat both of the developer-funded parties of Kennedy Stewart and Ken Sim.

The poll shows that with potential voters who are undecided/don’t know removed, Sim leads with 34.3% of the decided vote, while Stewart trails by 10 points with 24.4%, but is neck and neck with Hardwick who has risen to 21.2%. It was conducted by Forum Research, a national polling firm, for TEAM.

Tieleman said the polling results show that Stewart continues to fall in public opinion polls while Sim has moved into the lead and Hardwick is trending to pass Stewart in support in the final week of the election campaign, making her the only candidate with a chance to defeat both Stewart and Sim in the October 15 vote.

“Any voters who are concerned with Ken Sim and ABC running Vancouver when he didn’t even speak to a single issue at City Hall in the last four years and has solicited tens of thousands of dollars in donations from major corporate developers just like Kennedy Stewart, should be moving their support to Colleen Hardwick and TEAM candidates,” Tieleman said. “Otherwise Ken Sim’s $1.6 million tsunami of advertising will wash away every candidate.”

Tieleman said that major corporate developers’ funding of both Stewart and Sim will ensure that Vancouver becomes a city of concrete towers under the Broadway and Vancouver Plans that both parties support, rather than a city of unique and diverse neighbourhoods. Only Colleen Hardwick and TEAM will ensure growth is planned through neighbourhood-based context and scale, he said, avoiding needless massive displacement, demoviction and land inflation at the root of unaffordability in Vancouver.

“Kennedy Stewart was clearly sunk by the big developer fundraising leak and is going down hard despite a $1 million war chest; only Hardwick and TEAM – who refuse major corporate developer donations – have a chance to defeat an inexperienced and beholden Ken Sim and ABC from governing Vancouver for the next four years,” says Tieleman.

“TEAM is appealing to supporters of Forward Together, of COPE, of the Green Party, of Vision Vancouver to read the room and vote for the only mayoral candidate and only city council, school and park board candidates who can still stop an ABC takeover – the same for Non- Partisan Association and Progress Vancouver supporters who are equally worried about Ken Sim,” said Tieleman.

“This poll shows that Ken Sim’s election represents a huge risk due to his inexperience and failure to engage in Vancouver’s most important issues over the past four years,” Tieleman concluded. “Colleen Hardwick is the experienced, knowledgeable choice for mayor after four years asking tough questions while sitting on City Council.”

The Forum Research poll showed that Progress Vancouver candidate Mark Marissen is at 8.1% and Non-Partisan Association candidate Fred Harding is at 7.7%, while other mayoral candidates total 4.5%.

Tieleman said that 75.2% of those polled felt that ABC’s Ken Sim not speaking to City Council on a single Vancouver issue in the last four years makes them less likely to vote for Sim, with 58.1% saying it made them much less likely to support Sim.

And Tieleman said the poll also showed that Vancouver voters are overwhelmingly concerned about major corporate developer donations solicited by Sim and Stewart, with 70.3% saying they disagree with candidates taking money from big developers, and 49% strongly disagreeing. Only 22.1% said they agree with developers donating money to Vancouver candidates and just 8.1% strongly agreeing.

The poll also showed that 69.4% of respondents were concerned about Sim’s lack of knowledge about how Vancouver is governed and 62% were concerned about Sim saying the city should be “run like a business” and his lack of experience in any public office.

Forum Research conducted the poll of 408 eligible Vancouver voters on October 4 by Interactive Voice Response calling. It has a margin of error of +/- 4.9%, 19 times out of 20. Forum Research is a national polling firm that was the most accurate in predicting results of the 2022 Ontario provincial election.

Poll available upon request.


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