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Some TEAM Campaign Decisions

August 09, 2022

TEAM For A Livable Vancouver to reject donations from big corporate developers & those with major financial interests in City Hall decisions; Bill Tieleman appointed Campaign Manager

TEAM For A Livable Vancouver will reject any personal donations from big corporate developers and those with major financial interests in City Hall decisions, the party announced today, and will disclose donors and contributions to TEAM before the October 15 election.

Colleen Hardwick, TEAM For A Livable Vancouver Councillor and mayoral candidate, said the disclosure of Mayor Kennedy Stewart’s Forward Together donor list Monday shows a troubling reliance for contributions from those who have the most to gain from decisions made by City Council.

“TEAM For A Livable Vancouver will reject any and all personal donations from big corporate developers and others with major financial interests in City Council decisions,” Hardwick said. “Mayor Kennedy Stewart is clearly doing exactly the opposite by courting the rich and powerful in Vancouver to give his campaign funding through their personal donations – and that’s simply wrong.”

“They can make donations to Kennedy Stewart’s Forward Together or Ken Sim’s ABC and or the leaderless NPA but our message is clear – your donations are not welcome to TEAM and they will neither be solicited or accepted,” Hardwick said.

“Our message to ordinary Vancouver residents is that if you don’t want the foxes not just guarding the hen house but actually building it, then please send your donation of any amount to TEAM For A Livable Vancouver – we need it to fight the huge money being raised by Kennedy Stewart, Ken Sim and the NPA,” Hardwick said.

In another TEAM decision, Hardwick says the party Board of Directors has appointed Bill Tieleman as TEAM Campaign Manager, in addition to being a candidate for City Council.

“Bill Tieleman is one of the most successful and experienced campaign managers in BC, having played a key leadership role in winning four successive binding provincial referenda and worked in dozens of successful elections and nomination campaigns at the municipal, provincial and federal level,” Hardwick said. “Bill’s track record is excellent and while it may be unusual for a candidate to also run a campaign, TEAM is fortunate to have him guide us in the October 15 election.”

Tieleman said he is honoured by the TEAM decision.

“We are clearly in a three-way race to win the mayoralty and a majority on City Council and I will do everything I can to make sure TEAM’s Colleen Hardwick becomes the first woman mayor in our great city’s 136-year history,” Tieleman said. “With the help and support of Vancouver residents who are tired of a dysfunctional mayor and council, we can get this city back on track!”

“We have a great TEAM team of candidates who are experienced and very qualified to fix the problems this past City Council has created or neglected,” he said.


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