Sean Nardi

for City Council

Passion for democracy and facts fuel candidate’s campaign
Despite a demanding career, Sean has spent many hours exposing the facts behind some of the most controversial City Hall issues. Now he’s hoping to be part of a City Council that bases decisions on truth and consults with those they affect.

What Sean will bring to City Council:

  • Determination to change a system he believes does not put the wishes, needs or interests of Vancouver residents first.
  • Expertise in problem-solving, crisis management, managing costs and developing innovative strategies.
  • Broad and strong social and community networks that will keep him in touch with what’s happening beyond the doors of City Hall.


  • Worked in information technology at independent investment dealers for 17 years, 11 of them in management and executive roles. Helped bring one firm through the 2008 financial crisis and, at another, was part of a team that doubled the firm’s size and assets.
  • Besides his technical training, has a BComm, project management training, a PMP designation, and has just graduated with an MBA from SFU.


  • As part of the Fairview/South Granville Action Committee, Sean devoted hundreds of hours to analytical research, neighbourhood organization and communication. This fact-based advocacy work included developing a broad network of activists, politicians, bureaucrats, journalists and community leaders.
  • As a result of his close-up view of City Hall operations and his fervent belief in democracy, he feels compelled to work for change that will return power and decision-making to residents.
  • In order to refocus the city in a better direction, he believes decisions must be based “first and foremost, on data, all of the facts and the best advice available.”
  • He has a strong belief in community – “the importance of caring for and respecting one another, being friendly, and asking everyone to do their part.”
  • He describes himself and his partner of 14 years as “family guys, who prioritize spending time with family, friends and neighbours, and we value integrity, hard work, kindness and community”.

 There’s More to Life

  • The couple like to hike, bike, snowshoe, paddleboard, explore city neighbourhoods, hang out in parks and travel. Favourite excursions are dim sum at the Pink Pearl, evening softball at Strathcona Park, and a Canucks game.
  • He’s been involved in Vancouver’s LGBTQ community for many years through his participation in softball and hockey leagues.
  • Living with Crohn’s disease has helped him understand the challenges of living with chronic illness and given him empathy for those with more serious and challenging barriers.

Sean Nardi
Sean Nardi

for City Council