Stephen Roberts

for City Council

“We have to be so careful with other people’s money.”
Stephen studied economics and politics at university. Since returning home to Vancouver after a career spent mostly overseas, he’s been active in a number of non-profit organizations, including as Chair of the Board at Vancouver Hospice Society.

What Stephen will bring to City Council:

  • Having lived in a number of the world’s pre-eminent cities – London, New York, Hong Kong, Toronto – and worked in many more, he has seen what works and what does not in various environments, and seen first hand that there are many good approaches to solving problems in our cities.
  • Stephen’s experience budgeting and building a top ranked investment analyst team will allow him to understand fully the complexity of the city’s finances and work collaboratively towards building a City Hall team that will provide value to residents and taxpayers.
  • As a director and then chair of a hospital foundation, hearing the needs of medical staff, the community, and ultimately those in care has informed his perspectives on respectful, positive delivery of healthcare and the impact this has on everyone.
  • As a member and then chair of a municipal level advisory planning commission, he understands the requirements and the implications of land use and re-zoning petitions.



  • As COO of a regional division in global investment banking, Stephen managed large budgets and hundreds of staff, conducted due diligence on potential acquisitions and headed up legal and compliance oversight.
  • He ran for office provincially, and understands the importance of representing the views of constituents and listening to their concerns. “It is our citizens that elected officials serve.”
  • He has been associated with two hospice organizations, Vancouver Hospice Society and Saltspring Hospice, which seek to enhance quality of life at the end of life and promote a vision of care that is the best possible for the dying and their loved ones.
  • As chair of a volunteer board, he led members through the challenges of launching and operating a privately owned healthcare facility that serves our community.


  • The love of Stephen’s life is his Canadian Champion Giant Schnauzer, Sidney. They spend hours together in the woods around Vancouver and walking our city’s beautiful streets.
  • His favourite thing about Vancouver is the exceptional beauty of its extraordinary green spaces. He appreciates that you don’t have to go to a park to see how beautiful our city is, with varied and diverse neighbourhoods across the city that bloom each spring, stay green in winter, and provide a green canopy over our streets and homes all year round.

There’s More to Life

  • He enjoys local produce and crafts. Spot prawn season is a personal favourite and as summer segues into fall, he enjoys our abundant produce. He makes jam and was awarded best jam or jelly in the 2016 fall fair. It was blackberry!
  • B.C. wine has been a passion almost since the industry began here. He has been collecting and aging bottles since the late 1990s and is finding we can make extraordinary wines that age well, right here in B.C.

Stephen Roberts
Stephen Roberts

for City Council