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Tools & Resources

Watch this page as we add more ways to learn about how our municipal government functions, what its jurisdiction is, and how you can influence its decisions.  The list below is only the beginning.

Online resources

City Council

Upcoming Public Hearings

Park Board

A succinct history of the Park Board/City Council relationship and power struggle

A petition to Save Our Park Board from abolition

School Board Public Engagement; School Board Archives & Heritage; Vancouver District Parent Advisory Council

CityHallWatch Media Foundation is a volunteer-run organization with a comprehensive website of resources and articles.

City Conversations is the blog of architect Brian Palmquist, who brings the perspective of over four decades of life and work in Vancouver to conversations that explain development issues and challenge the superficiality of the information residents receive from City Hall.

Who donates to municipal parties? Check the Financial Reports and Political Contributions System database.

Neighbourhood Organizations

Seventeen Vancouver neighbourhood organizations have websites. Find them here: Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods

Recommended reading, free at the Vancouver Public Library

Vancouverism, by Larry Beasley. Vancouver, British Columbia: On Point Press, 2019.

Vancouver Vanishes: narratives of demolition and revival, by Caroline Adderson et al. Vancouver, B.C.: Anvil Press, 2015.

Vancouver: Stories of a City - a history of Vancouver's neighbourhoods and the people who built them, by Lisa Smedman.

Vancouver: Vancouver Courier, 2008.

The First 100 years: the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation, by R. Mike Steele. Vancouver, B.C.: Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation, 1988.

The Death and Life of Great American Cities, by Jane Jacobs. New York: Modern Library, 2011 (50th Anniversary Edition).

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