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We could have a City Hall that listens to residents and acts in our interests.

Increasing taxes by double digits? Abolishing our elected Park Board? Disposing of school property? You won't find that nonsense in TEAM's policies.


The dismal voter turnout in 2022 proves most Vancouver residents aren't engaged in civic issues or don't believe their vote makes a difference. TEAM is committed to changing that view, block by block and neighbourhood by neighbourhood.


Voter turnout 36.3% (Source:

Will you join us in remaking our next city government?

We still don't have a City Hall that listens to residents and promotes livability over unsustainable growth.

But in 2026, with your help, we could elect competent, experienced leaders to govern in the best interests of the people who live here.

Our work has already started. Join us in preparing to elect the City Council, Park Board, and School Board that will give us hope for a Vancouver where we can thrive

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