Economic Development

Our Promise to You

TEAM’s approach to economic development is to retain existing companies and help them grow, while attracting new businesses that align with our approach to a livable city. As an ally of small, local businesses that neighbourhoods cherish, TEAM will improve affordability by mitigating the impacts of land speculation to keep local businesses from closing down or leaving the city.

How We Will Get There

TEAM’s two-pronged approach to business acquisition and retention will be achieved by:

  • Protecting job-producing industrial and economic lands through the preservation of commercial, office, and industrial zoning
  • Encouraging growth for small businesses by providing tools and support, and fostering entrepreneurship by creating an innovation hub in each neighbourhood
  • Seeking out opportunities for growth in the film and television industry through greater collaboration with the City
  • Supporting tourism associations and operators as they try to recover from the negative impacts of the pandemic 
  • Giving priority to streamlining permit processing for long-term job-creating endeavours
  • Looking at Vancouver’s procurement process to better support local businesses