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Our Promise to You

TEAM’s Reconciliation Action Plan is built around resolving inequities that inhibit employment opportunities, economic growth, positive educational outcomes, and wellness.


How We Will Get There

TEAM will work with Vancouver’s First Nations, Indigenous residents, and senior levels of government to advance truth and reconciliation efforts that affect Vancouver, with a view to resolving historic inequities. The true measure of leadership on Reconciliation will be our willingness to publicly expose and accept our past so we know where to stand when planning our future.


TEAM will utilize both short-term and long-term actions to advance reconciliation with First Nations, including:

  • Working to resolve inequities through the implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action that are applicable at the city level

  • Enhancing collaboration with local First Nations and Urban Indigenous communities 

  • Striving to create economic opportunities for local First Nations 

  • Better coordination with the First Nations Health Authority to support their mental health and addictions programming

  • Creating new funding and partnership opportunities for child-care programs for Indigenous people

  • Striving to increase the visibility of First Nations cultures/histories in public spaces such as community centres, libraries, and park facilities, including the delivery of an urban longhouse and/or cultural centre

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