Our Promise to You

A TEAM School Board will improve accessibility to schools through more effective neighbourhood planning, and ensure that students’ experiences in our schools are positive, well-resourced, and filled with opportunities for growth and excellence.

How We Will Get There

Public schools are the heart of a neighbourhood, and it is the School Board’s responsibility to keep the heart beating. A TEAM School Board will advocate for Vancouver’s youngest residents and their school communities by:

  • Working with the Province to ensure there are convenient school options in every neighbourhood and supporting walkable communities with enough school capacity to account for population growth; we need to build schools where kids live and where they will live
  • Providing pathways for students to discover and pursue their passions
  • Offering programs that ensure learners across the academic spectrum are supported and challenged
  • Making better use of school facilities by coordinating with the Park Board to offer more community programs
  • Keeping school buildings and property in public hands and owned by the School Board for the benefit of current and future needs of Vancouver families