Our Promise to You

TEAM will work to reduce travel times for all modes of transportation while also prioritizing resident safety and sustainability.

How We Will Get There

TEAM believes that the safe and efficient movement of all modes of transportation is a critical component of a livable city. A TEAM majority would oppose road pricing in Vancouver.

TEAM will address current transportation challenges by:

  • Working with TransLink to convert the bus system to an electric fleet and to expand frequent service on arterials with enough bus stops to ensure all areas of the city have walkable access to transit
  • Working with the community to develop four new light rail lines across the city, in place of the costly proposed Broadway subway extension to UBC
  • Making walking safer for pedestrians by repairing and widening sidewalks across neighbourhoods
  • Improving traffic flow by synchronizing traffic lights, building bus pull-ins, and adding new turn lanes, as well as meeting and anticipating commercial transportation needs more effectively 
  • Supporting the transition to electric vehicles by making it easier to convert existing onsite parking for vehicle charging, requiring new construction parking stalls to be wired for electric charging, and providing options for on-street and public charging stations
  • Retaining onsite unit parking minimums in the bylaw for construction to allow for future onsite electric vehicle charging


TEAM is grateful for the invaluable contribution of the late Adam Fitch, whose experience in planning development, transit, transportation and urban design informs our Transportation policy.