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Calling for Expressions of Interest

January 19, 2022

VANCOUVER (Jan. 19, 2022) --TEAM for a Livable Vancouver Association announced today it is calling for expressions of interest for potential candidates in the 2022 Civic Election.

“We are seeking a diverse political spectrum of Vancouverites with similar concerns who will join us in supporting TEAM policies aimed at making the city a more affordable, safe, efficient, and sustainable city after the 2022 civic election,” said Bruce MacGregor, President of TEAM.

“Our membership already represents a broad variety of political backgrounds. We have come together without any ideological agendas, preferring to find common ground for the common good of all Vancouver residences.”

TEAM will steer the City in a different direction. It will give residents a bigger say at City Hall. It will establish an administration that respects residents’ personal budgets. A TEAM City Hall will focus on its core services and responsibilities, while reconsidering the costly additional initiatives taken on by this and the previous council. The party believes that livable without affordable is not sustainable.

TEAM plans to field enough like-minded candidates so it can form a majority on each of City Council, School Board, and Park Board. The party is also seeking candidates for mayor.

In line with the party’s belief in open and transparent democratic practices, TEAM candidates will be elected by the membership. They will commit to supporting the Policy Directions ratified by TEAM membership.


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