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Olympics Vote Explained; Skytrain Extension To UBC

April 07, 2022

In a recent interview with CKNW's Jas Johal, TEAM's mayoral candidate Colleen Hardwick explains the protocol she followed to prepare her motion on holding a ballot vote on Vancouver's participation in hosting the 2030 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games; she explains why she withdrew it, and what happens next.

In their discussion on a range of issues, she gives her reasons for being the lone voice against the Skytrain extension to UBC in a recent Council vote on where stations should be located.

Johal asks, "What is the main debate and topic as we head into this civic election cycle?"

Councillor Hardwick's response: "The main debate has got to be, 'Who do we represent?' Do we represent the people of this city? If so, we should be listening to them and not just ramrodding things through..."

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