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Response To Mayor Kennedy Stewart’s Forward Together Housing Plan

September 13, 2022

RESPONSE from Councillor Colleen Hardwick, TEAM's Mayoral candidate, to Mayor Kennedy Stewart’s Forward Together housing plan

Councillor Colleen Hardwick: “Kennedy Stewart’s entire housing plan is simply unbelievable - and it is a dream come true for major corporate developers.” “The vast majority of housing would be market condos and rentals - at already sky-high prices - and 22,000 a year is both unachievable and unneeded with 100,000 units in the pipeline already. Vancouver needs more affordable housing, not high-rise concrete towers bought by outside investors that will only increase the affordability crisis.” “And the so-called ‘Renters Protection plan’ will not work – moving people for years in a 1% vacancy market, then returning them to new apartments at the same or lower rent is just not going to happen – developers won’t do it.”


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