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TEAM's Elizabeth Murphy Talks About Kennedy Stewart's Housing Plan

February 01, 2022

Mayor Kennedy Stewart’s idea of jamming six strata units onto 33-foot lots will not provide the kind of livable, ground-oriented, family-friendly housing that Vancouver residents need, nor will it likely be affordable, says Elizabeth Murphy.

The mayor's Making Home plan “is not a plan; none of these things have been thought through,” the former City property development officer told CKNW’s Jas Johal Show. She called instead for proper neighbourhood-based planning for the kind of housing each area needs – suites, infill, strata, multifamily, co-ops – while taking local infrastructure and amenities into account. The city should also cut costs and permit times for building and renovating in existing zoning; something this council hasn't done, she noted. “We need a whole variety of things, but it needs to be done with proper planning, not just a motion at council.”

Elizabeth Murphy is Vice President of TEAM For a Livable Vancouver and chairs its planning and development policy committee.

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